A downloadable game for Windows

Hook through a dangerous dungeon
and fight your way to get your freedom.

When Isaac meets Spiderman - with a Hook:

About the game

Hooking and throwing are your core abilities to fight your way through this
twinstick-shooter-like 2D top-down dungeon slasher. Your Dragonhook is a
multi purpose weapon of choice! 

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This is a vertical slice and the game is still in developement!

You can now help with the developement! - Name the drageon!

Our little dragon was raised in imprisonment and never got a name. Click at the link below and VOTE <3

Choose a name for our dragon!



o (Keyboard) - no clip

p (Keyboard) - frames per second counter

l (Keyboard) - toggle fog of war

i (Keyboard) - restart

Esc (Keyboard) - Main Menue

About us:

We are a littel gamedev. team formed by gamedesign students from Hamburg (Germany). Our team means:

Philipp (Programming),

Inga (Art/Visuals) and

Eric (Gamedesign/Prototyping/Projektmanagement).

This projekt is part of our studies and our mainproject over the time being here.

And maybe, someday we could release it? That would be awesome!


Dragon'S'wings - Download

Development log